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Hello, I am [G. Edward Johnson] and have been on wikipedia since 2002. My first edit with this account was on March 22, 2002 to create the page for The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. (I may have edited some pages anonymously before then, I just don't remember.) I have recently been adding photos to articles as well as short article descriptions.


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Who is this Edward Johnson?

Nemateleotris magnifica
Nemateleotris magnifica, known by common names including the fire goby, the magnificent fire fish, the fire dartfish, or the red fire goby, is a species of dartfish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the eastern coast of Africa to the Hawaiian Islands and from the Austral Islands north to the Ryukyu Islands. It inhabits coral reefs, where it can be found at depths of 6 to 70 metres (20 to 230 ft). It is usually found just above the bottom, facing into the current, where it awaits its prey of small invertebrates. This N. magnifica fish was photographed near the island of Morotai in the Indonesian Maluku Islands.Photograph credit: Rickard Zerpe