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  • consider splitting this article on two parts
  • Demographics
    • WWII losses
    • border shifts in the west and the east
    • Post-war migrations: camps, lagers, DPs, POWs, Polish Army in the West
    • Jews: return after 1945, then 1956, 1968, 1980's
    • expulsion of Germans and "Germans"
    • Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Poles: Akcja Wisła
    • Lithuanians
    • monolitic state
    • emigration of Poles: 1956, 1968, 1975, 1980, 1981...
    • return of Polonia in late 1980's
  • Economy
    • Assess WWII losses
    • initial reconstruction by private owners (Warsaw being a good example)
    • nationalisation and expropriation
    • land reform
    • private-owned land versus kolkhoz system
    • Heavy Industry
    • Production of daily-usage goods versus steel and arms (furniture as an example).
    • Bierut and the quasi-communism
    • Gomułka and the socialist Mercantilism (tobacco production as an example)
    • Gierek as a class of his own (Gierek's paradise with meblościanka and Polski Fiat 126p)
    • 1970's crash
    • 1980's and the even greater crisis
    • ?